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For Your Business - Wholesale Accounts

Wenneman offers Wholesale Accounts for restaurants, bars & grills, grocery stores, convenient stores, food processors, butcher shops, deer processors and more.   Co-Packing is a service we offer as well to larger companies, who have just outgrown their capacity or want to lessen the liability or headache on their end. 

Wenneman supplies various wholesale customers in midwest region:

  • Butcher Shops / Meat Lockers

  • Restaurants, Deli's, Bars & Grills

  • Grocery Stores

  • Convenience Store Commissaries

  • Food Processor Companies

  • Distributors - Large and Small

  • Co-Packing customers

Our customer orders range from our minimum delivery weight of 50 pounds to excess of 10,000 pounds per order.  We will do our best to treat every customer we have with the utmost respect, appreciating the opportunity to EARN your business.

Fresh Meats


Beef Sides from our Slaughter

Beef Primals

Boxed Beef - Graded Choice/Select

Ground Beef - Ground in house



BBQ Pigs

Market Pigs

Fresh Bellies

Green Hams

Boneless Callies

Pork Loins

Pork Steaks & Chops

Brats, Pork Sausages, Breakfast Links



Whole Chickens

Random Chicken Breast

8 pc Chicken 



TURKEY: (Frozen)

Bone In Turkey Breast

Whole Turkeys

Turkey Legs

Smoked Meats

Bacon... Yes Bacon...

Smoked Pork Loins

Smoked Pork Chops

Smoked Hocks

Smoked Shanks

Smoked Jowl

Smoked Neckbones

Smoked Feet

Smoked Turkey Legs

Smoked Bone In Ham


Cooked Sausages:

All Beef Franks

Regular Skinless Franks

Cheese Franks

NC Weiners

Skinless Weiners

All Beef Polish  Hot/Mild

Beef/Pork Polish Hot/Mild


Frozen Fish:

Cod Loin & Fillets

Catfish Fillets (Swai)

Pollack Fillets

Frog Legs

Deli Meats

Boneless Hams

Roast Beef



Garlic Bologna

Canadian Bacon

Pulled Pork

Italian Beef

Liver Sausage

Blood Sausage

Ham Salad


Head Cheese - Mild & Hot

Turkey Breast (4 flavors other)

Max German Corned Beef

Max German Pastrami

Max German Beer Salami


25 styles to choose from

High Temp / No Melt


  *Pepper Jack


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