Hickory Smoked Ham

Why Wenneman Hickory Smoked Ham for Easter?

A Wenneman Hickory Smoked Ham is the popular choice for Easter because for nearly 100 years it has been a traditional centerpiece for Easter Meals.  Our traditional Hickory Smoked Ham is made using Wenneman’s own gluten-free and MSG-free recipe and contains no filler products.

Hickory smoked ham, in particular, is known for its rich and savory flavor, which comes from the process of smoking the ham over hickory wood.  This process infuses the meat with a smoky, slightly sweet flavor that is sure to please everyone at your Easter dinner.

A Wenneman Hickory Smoked Ham is fresh, never frozen, and prepared for you in advance and served at room temperature, which makes it easy to serve and frees up time to spend with family and friends.  It also pairs well with a variety of sides and sauces, making it a versatile choice for any Easter Meal.


Whole bone in ham $2.19 lb.
(Approx. 22-26 pounds)

Half bone in ham $2.59 lb.
(Approx. 10-14 pounds)

Whole Boneless Ham $3.69 lb.
(Approx. 12-15 pounds)

Save time and more importantly, save money with a Wenneman Hickory Smoked Ham this Easter. Wenneman’s is the LESS “money” baked ham headquarters!