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Wenneman Award Winning Hickory Smoked Bacon - 2014 Reserve Grand Champion IAMP Winner

For over 81 years, the Wenneman family business has been making quality hickory smoked bacon.   Currently, Wenneman Meat Co makes over 10,000 lbs of bacon each week.   This ensures you quality fresh smoked bacon with great taste at a good price with a good shelf life.   We also offer a Peppered Bacon, which has a great taste.

Healthier Bacon?? Wenneman Meat took 20 lbs of salt out of the brine used to make it's bacon, which means a healthier great tasting bacon for you.  It's as healthy as we can make our bacon.  We hope you enjoy it. 


Real Hickory Wood!!   That's right, real hickory wood is used in the smoking process.  You may have seen some of the bigger processors on TV using "Spray On Smoke Flavor" in their mega plants....   Do you want to eat "Spray On Smoke Flavor"?   We don't, which is why we use real hickory wood in our smoke houses. 


Packaging sizes come in 1# cryvac and 10 lb or 25# bulk sliced boxes and full slabs, either rind on or rind off. 

Our bacon slicer guarantees consistency in thickness for your bacon so it cooks up evenly at home or in your restaurant.   We slice bacon multiple times each week. 

Wenneman offers bacon ends or "Seconds" at a great price in 20 lb boxes.   Some of these pieces may be nearly full length, some may be shorter, but either way, it's still the same great bacon you're use to.  The end pieces are perfect to chop for baked potatoes, salads or using in omelets or green beans.

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Wenneman's production facility is located in Saint Libory, Illinois.  We're about 40 miles Southeast of St. Louis, Missouri.    

Wenneman Meat Company

7415 State Route 15

Saint Libory, IL 62282

If you can't make it to our retail shop, reach out to your local grocery store and ask them to carry our products.  Our wholesale customers are in the areas below:

Missouri Regions:

Entire St. Louis Area

North to St. Charles

West to Washington 

West to Wright City

South to Cape Girardeau

Illinois Regions:
​North to Greenville

East to Wayne City

South to Ana