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Wenneman Meat Co has been providing quality meats for families for nearly 100 years. Come check out our retail shopping space. Bring your shopping list or impulse buy. We're sure you will find a lot of great items for your stove top, oven, smoker, grill or for stocking your freezer.

Wenneman makes many award winning deli meats, like our boneless ham which received Grand Champion accolades at the 2014, 2018 and received Champion accolades in 2020. Most of the deli meats in our meat case are made in house, except the deli turkey and hard salami.

Order a whole or half hog, side of beef, hind or forequarter to be processed to your specs for your freezer. This ensures that you get the meat cuts how you like, and have them readily available in your freezer at home. Most items are cryvac packaged to ensure the best freezer freshness for your meats. Call 618-768-4328 and ask for Hayley to order a side of beef or pork and give her your cutting instructions.

Ham sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato on whole grain bread.  Lettuce and tomatoes in background
Ribeye Steak Just Off A Charcoal Grill Resting On A Wood Cutting Board, Seasoned With Rosemary, Garlic Cloves, Butter, Cheese, Olives, And Paprika

Beef Side, Hind or Forequarter Beef Processing

Average hanging weight on beef sides is between 380 and 440 pounds.  You can expect to have roughly 60% to 65% take home weight.  You can expect:

  • Chuck Roast
  • Arm Roast
  • Rib Steaks or Boneless Ribeye
  • Round Steak
  • T-Bone Steaks
  • Sirloin Steaks
  • Ground Beef Bulk or Patties

Expedite your beef processing order by printing our form ahead of your visit.

Half and Whole Hog Processing

Average whole hog live weight is around 260 - 270 pounds and you are charged on the live weight.  You can expect to have roughly 50% yield take home weight.  You can expect:

  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Steaks
  • Pork Callie Roast
  • Ribs
  • Smoked Bacon
  • Smoked Ham - Bone In or Boneless
  • Pork Sausage Bulk or Links, Brats, etc.
  • Liver Sausage, Blood Sausage or Head Cheese
Rack of baby back ribs on the grill.  Please see my portfolio for other food related images.

Expedite your hog processing order by printing our form ahead of your visit.

Frozen steak in pack

Meat Bundles

Wenneman has six different meat bundles for you to choose from as well. These pre-packaged bundles are frozen and ready for your freezer or camping trip.


Why Wenneman Hickory Smoked Bacon?

Wenneman makes over 10,000 pounds of bacon each week, ensuring that you have truly fresh, great tasting bacon. Our bacon is flavored with true hickory smoke flavor using real wood, and less salt making it healthier. The consistent thickness of our bacon slices means consistent cooking throughout, with minimal curling. Come see why our bacon was the 2014 IAMP Reserve Grand Champion Winner!

Why Wenneman Hickory Smoked Ham?

Our Traditional Hickory Smoked Ham is made using Wenneman's own gluten-free and MSG-free recipe and contains no filler products. Our hams are fresh, never frozen, and have the great taste and texture that will keep everyone coming back for seconds. Come see why our ham was the 2014 IAMP Grand Champion Award Winner!


For Your Business

Wenneman offers Wholesale Accounts for restaurants, bars & grills, grocery stores, convenience stores, food processors, butcher shops, deer processors and more.