Spring Bundle Sale

Save Money. Save Time. Enjoy High Quality Meats!


Spring Bundle Sale

Six (6) Bone-In Ribeyes (16 oz. each)

Six (6) Ground Beef Chubs (1 lb. each)

Two (2) Bulk Pork Sausage Chubs (1 lb. each)

One (1) Jalapeno and Cheddar Brat Pack

One (1) Bratwurst Pack

Limited Quantities - First Come First Serve - While Supplies Last
No Limits, No Pre-Orders, No Rainchecks


The Wenneman Difference

At Wenneman, we’ve built our business on providing the best cuts of meat for the most reasonable prices.  Buying meat bundles from Wenneman is a great value for our customers for a few reasons:

Cost savings:  Our carefully selected bundles result in cost savings per pound compared to buying smaller portions individually.  The larger the bundle, the greater the savings!

Convenience:  All Wenneman bundles are pre-packaged, which saves time and effort in selecting individual cuts of meat.  Additionally, our bundles contain a variety of cuts, making meal planning easier and more efficient.

Quality:  Wenneman meat bundles are made up of high-quality cuts that may not be readily available in stores.  By purchasing a bundle, our customers can access these premium cuts at a lower price than if they were purchased individually.

Supports Local Farmers:  Most Wenneman meat bundles are sourced from local farms, which helps support the local economy and sustainable agriculture practices.